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Small Garden Fence Ideas to Protect Our Home by the Beauty of Nature

DIY Small Garden Fence Ideas Cost

Do not forget to bring greenery in every corner of your home. Presenting openness home with nature as well as the optimization of the front and back yard is a concrete action to realize environmentally friendly homes. Plants such as Sanseviera, Philodendron, Japanese bamboo, gardenia, lavender, spice and vegetable plant species can be planted to provide benefits to the homeowner. That’s why our discussion today is about small garden fence […]

How to Clean the Small Bathroom Vanities in the Modern House?

Cheap Small Bathroom Vanities and Sinks

Small bathroom vanities model could become integral to the house which has a narrow land. As the rooms were considered not too major, bathroom usually is the last option or choice of any room in the home or with another term is the remaining space. This is understandable because the need for space in the narrow land is very difficult so that there is the bathroom is only built with […]

Round Kitchen Table and Chairs for Small Dining Room in Minimalist House

Solid Wood Round Kitchen Table and Chairs for 4

If your home is small, tiny, each room must be utilized effectively and efficiently. However, that does not mean you have to skip certain functions, including the dining room. The dining room in the small house must be placed in separate rooms, but can be combined with other rooms, like the living room. However, the function differentiated according to the used furniture. Therefore, selecting furniture dining room in a small […]

The Importance Of Having Small Home Design In Modern Era

Best Small Home Exterior Design 2015

Definition of home is very so much and if translated would certainly very much sense. Home is where the most valuable that is owned by you and your family is not? Because the house is a place for shelter, gather and also to relieve fatigue and many other benefits. So that’s why it is not surprising if you look at the house is everything in this life. Therefore it is […]

Small Above Ground Pools Is the Best One

Cheap Above Ground Pools for Small Backyard

A small above ground pools is the right idea when we have limited space but still want to have a beautiful exterior and nice room. Once the available land for a pool, you have to make design sketches form a pool that you want. If the land is not too extensive you should use a rectangular shape with a size appropriate to the space, but you also have to leave […]

Craftsman Style Home, Unique and Chic

Craftsman Home Plans with Patio smallhomelover.com

With a minimalist concept which has a simple look, you can easily clean up your house. It would be nice if you design a house with interior and exterior are in harmony and with so you will get a charming house as unique and chic like craftsman style home. For a minimalist interior, the interior needed is not too big and luxurious and in addition it does not require interior […]